University of Gothenburg

Scientific publications

University of Gothenburg scientific publications on person-centred care, and some key articles from GPCC.

Key articles from GPCC:

  • GPCCs position paper: Person-Centered Care — Ready for Prime Time. Ekman, I., Swedberg, K., Taft, C., Lindseth, A., Norberg, A., Brink, E., … Sunnerhagen, K. S. (2011). European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 10(4), 248–251. LINK TO THE ARTICLE.
  • BMJ Analysis: Learning from Gothenburg model of person centred healthcare: Nicky Britten, professor, Inger Ekman, professor, Öncel Naldemirci, senior lecturer, Mikaela Javinger, patient representative, Håkan Hedman, patient representative, Axel Wolf, associate professor. BMJ 2020; 370 doi: LINK TO THE ARTICEL.
  • Article: A national research centre for the evaluation and implementation of person-centred care: Content from the first interventional studies. Gyllensten Hanna, Jakobsson Ung Eva, Ekman Inger, Jakobsson Sofie. Health Expectations 2020. LINK TO THE ARTICLE.
  • BMJ Commentary: Swedish initiative on person centred care. Ekman Inger, Hedman Håkan, Swedberg Karl, Wallengren Catarina. BMJ 2015; 350 :h160. LINK TO THE ARTICLE.
  • We Care Road Map in The Lancet: Health-care improvements in a financially constrained Environment. Inger Ekman, et al. (2016) The Lancet , Volume 387 , Issue 10019 , 646 – 647. LINK TO THE ARTICLE.

Link to an excerpt from The University of Gothenburg's Publications Database GUP listing the scientific articles for which the authors have included an affiliation with GPCC.