University of Gothenburg

Bergen, Norway

An overview of our Norwegian research hub in Bergen.

In the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s Christopher Gillberg was a visiting professor in Bergen where he worked with Einar Heiervang, Kjell Morten Stormark, and (neuropsychologist) Astri Lundervold and started the Bergen Child Study, one of the world’s largest longitudinal studies of child mental health. Soon after the launch of the study, Maj-Britt Posserud (then a young doctor hoping to become a child psychiatrist) joined the group, and gradually evolved into one of the leaders in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Research in Norway. Maj-Britt and Astri Lundervold (who has published a very large number of outstanding research papers) have developed teams of basic and clinical research colleagues in collaboration with the GNC, and their Bergen teams are still considered to be part of the "GNC family".