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Migration- and integration related research projects at the University of Gothenburg

Below we have listed research projects at the University of Gothenburg relating to migration and integration. The page is updated every semester. Note that each project has its own project page with a more detailed description and contact details. You can also search for research and publications at the University via the links on the right.

A New Interdisciplinary Framework for Studying the Relation between Climate Change and Migration

Ambiguities of Hospitality: Intercultural Integration and Conflict in Host-Guest Relations on the European Borderlands, c. 1000-1350

ASILE - Global Asylum Governance and European Union's Role

Before the Romans. Addressing the interplay between genetic and cultural variation in Pre-Roman Italy

Being a father and a refugee: Comparing men’s fatherhood and family ‘integration’ experiences in the UK and Sweden

Bridges and Brokers in the Bosnian Diaspora

Brokers manoeuvring il/legal terrains of gendered labour migration control in Nepal

Care-giving arrangements in the enlarged Europe: migrants’ parental strategies and the role of institutonal context in Sweden

Categorizing people, controlling borders: State attempts to define and select the ”right refugee” in Sweden and Canada

Changing roles, emerging networks. Local governments as employer, procurer and entrepreneur in labour market integration

Citizenship and democracy education for adult newly arrived migrants?

CLIMIG - A New Interdisciplinary Framework for Studying the Relation between Climate Change and Migration

Collaboration to organize integration

Controversy about age in asylum cases 2015-2019 (Dissertation project)

Creating legitimacy in migration and asylum processes: The gender perspective

Development of lexical and grammatical competences in immigrant Swedish

Diaspora and Civil Society: the case of Polish migration to the UK pre- and post-Brexit

Education and integration of newly arrived migrants in rural areas

Efter krisen. Migration, utbildning och arbetsliv i tvärvetenskaplig belysning

EMiC - Externalizing Migration Control

Empowering Cities of Migration: new methods for citizen involvement and socio-spatial integration (EMPOWER)

EPI - Everyday Practices of Integration

For whom is the city built? A study of goal conflicts, migration patterns and living conditions in the densified city

Geopolitics at the margins – Exploring emergent political orders across the Red Sea

Globalization of migration to Sweden: Labor immigration from India and China 2008-2014

Good life in Angered: Facilitating ideas, actions and participation to promote health and wellbeing

Governing the opportunity to stay: a contemporary historical study of the Swedish state's governing of migrants' access to permanent residence

Hem och (dis)kontinuitet: Familjehem för barn med migrationsbakgrund (HoMi)

Heritage, participation and social work

Home and (dis)continuity: Foster care for children with migrant backgrounds (HoMi)

Human rights for migrant Burmese fish workers in the EU-initiated sustainable fisheries reform in Thailand

Humanitarian Great Power? The Local Reception of Refugees in Sweden, 1700–1730

Increasing diversity and inclusion – global strategies, challenges and consequences

Integration and Migration

Integration at the Neighborhood Level: Cross-National Comparisons of Refugee Segregation, Identity, and Inclusion

Labour Mobility and conditions for intra-European Migration: Professional and Privileged Migration from Sweden(Dissertation project)

Local initiatives for integration through intercultural bridge building: A comparative analysis of theories of change in integration projects in local communities

Media impact on public perceptions of migration

MERGING Housing for immigrants and community integration in Europe and beyond: strategies, policies, dwellings and governance

MICOLL – Migration and housing: meeting refugees’ housing needs through collaborative housing programmes

MiDem – Migration and Democracy: Confronting Illiberalism in the Baltic Sea Region

Migranter och anvisning av boende: att erbjudas skilda livsvillkor

Migration and Diversity

Migration and Social Work (MIOS)

Migration and Polarisation on the Labourmarket: patterns, mechanisms and experiences

Nordic Network for Research on Refugee Children

Online social media as discursive opportunity structure for attacks against refugee housing facilities

Organizing Integration

Outsiders Within: Internally Displaced Persons in Early Modern Europe

Parents across borders

Patterns of selective out-migration of natives from Sweden, 1996-2007

PLACED: Accommodating refugees and asylum seekers and the spatial production of hospitality and otherness

Platform for Migration, Health, and Human Rights - Health, Care, and Equity in the Context of a Heterogeneous Society

Portuguese migrants in Mozambique: Postcolonialism and exchange of knowledge

REGG – Regional and Global Governance

Research Network Migration and Ethnicity Research Gothenburg University (MERGU)

Rethinking Integration: a comparative mixed methods study of civil society action in vulnerable superdiverse neighbourhoods in Sweden

Rural-urban migrant youth and gendered livelihood practices in the city: perspectives from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Seeking justice from afar: Diasporas and transitional justice

Selektion och migration. Jämförande studier av flyttningar under förhållanden som påminner om naturliga experiment

Sex in Borderlands. How Swedish sexual politics and migration politics affect persons who sell sex in Sweden

SIPGI – Refugee Migration and Cities: Social Institutions, Political Governance and Integration in Jordan, Turkey and Sweden

Stalled integration? How experience with anti-immigrant expressions and ethnic neighbourhoods affect immigrants’ political integration

The Challenges of Polarization on Swedish Labour Market

The civil society and the responsibility for newly arrived immigrants

The Future of Diverse and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods in the Nordic Welfare States — The Voices of Residents

The New Portuguese Migration to Angola (dissertation project)

The role of civil society in supporting employability in diverse areas in Sweden and the United Kingdom (LOCALiTIES)

The role of language in segregation and gentrification processes: linguistic landscapes in Gothenburg

The Swedes in Bayate, Cuba - A forgotten emigration history

The Swedish Exodus: determinants of emigration from Sweden to USA, 1880s–1900s

Things for Politics’ Sake: Aesthetic Objects and Social Change (THINGSTIGATE)

TiMS – The role of tourism in multicultural societies

To Punish or to Pardon: Attitudes Towards Justice and Reintegration for Europeans who Cooperated with the Islamic State

Transnational childhoods: building of significant relationships among Polish and Romanian migrant children after reunification with parents in Sweden

Transnational civil society and foreign policy: The role of diasporas in comparative perspective

Transnational Student Mobility in Higher Education in Asia - An interdisciplinary study of young people's strategies and living conditions

Transnationella singelmän. En etnografi om singelskap bland migrerade män i Europeiska Unionen

Two aspects of welfare domains in older age among older migrants

Legal identity under insurgencies and unrecognised states

What is successful integration– Refugee Women's own experiences of integration and releasement process