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Scholarships and grants

Applying for scholarships is a way to expand your finances during studies and research. There are many foundations and donors to apply for. We have gathered information for you who are a student, doctoral student or employee at the University of Gothenburg.

For students

If you are student at the University of Gothenburg and want to apply for scholarships, you can find information here. Some scholarships can be applied for by all students at the university, while others are for students at a particular faculty or department. There are special scholarships to apply for if you are going to study abroad or if you are a fee-paying student.

For doctoral students (PhD) and staff

For you who are doctoral student (PhD) or staff at the University of Gothenburg, there are travel and research grants to apply for.

Research funding

If you are a researcher or administrator at the University of Gothenburg, the Research and Innovation Office can help you find, apply for and administer appropriate external financing. There are advice and tips to get both when applying and during ongoing projects.

Gifts and Donations

The University of Gothenburg is today one of the country’s largest centres of learning with over 49 000 students and a rich variety of research. Ever since what was then Göteborg University College started in 1891, donations from private individuals have been important. One example is the donation from Oscar Ekman which made possible the construction of the main University building in Vasaparken.

More information about gifts and donations at the University of Gothenburg (in Swedish)