University of Gothenburg


CULF is a collaborative organisation that includes the Graduate school CUL, a joint research school, as well as the government mission ULF - Development, Learning, Research. CULF shall contribute to the development of the school's scientific basis and pedagogical professional activities, as well as work for the research connection of teacher education.

CULF is placed under the responsibility of the Faculty Board of Educational Sciences and aims to strengthen and deepen cooperation with school principals, including training towards teacher's degrees and professional development, postgraduate training for teachers and practical research. In a collaborative organisation, participating faculties and heads of schools are involved in strategic work and development of practical research as well as postgraduate education. CULF is a meeting place for cross-border environments and contributes to the conditions for knowledge formation within both academia and school activities - as well as the dissemination of knowledge.

CULF gathers outstanding initiatives in the field of practical educational research. Both the research school CUL and the node for ULF agreements at the University of Gothenburg are in the national front line for developments in the field. The union of them within CULF provides unique opportunities for innovative initiatives in a rapidly growing and dynamic field with great future potential.