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Child and Youth Studies

Child and Youth Studies is a third-cycle subject dealing with aspects of child and youth learning, development and socialisation, from birth to young adulthood applying a multidisciplinary perspective.

The focus is on formal and informal educational environments and on issues on the borders between pedagogical environments, leisure cultures and family. The subject is based on a holistic perspective on children and young people. By combining psychological-, sociological-, pedagogical- and cultural analytic perspectives, knowledge is generated about what it means to grow up and be socialized into modern society. The PhD education aims to develop the knowledge and skills as well as the critical ability required to independently and in collaboration with other researchers or practitioners be able to plan, implement and report scientific studies orally and in writing, and issues of relevance for child and youth studies

The PhD training will provide insights and skills in social science theories and methods of relevance to scientific research on child and youth studies as well as provide conditions for contributing to the professional development of the subject. The PhD training will also provide in-depth knowledge and skills in theories and methods relevant to the teaching profession.