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About us

Graduate Research School in Educational Sciences was started at University of Gothenburg during the autumn 2005 within the framework of the Centre for Educational Sciences and Teacher Research (Centrum för utbildningsvetenskap och lärarforskning, CUL).

Educational Sciences is the field of research within which issues of learning in an educational organisation, teaching and teaching practices are studied. The issues addressed are mainly concerned with the educational sector, i.e. the national school system and national higher education. Educational Sciences deals with educational processes and their outcome (at the level of individuals, of groups or the entire system) mainly within activities such as pre-school, school, leisure-time centres, adult education, but also within the activities of the university itself.

The field of Educational Sciences incorporates all the different branches and subjects of research linked to teacher education. This could mean research subjects related to education such as pedagogy, subject matter didactics, general didactics, and didactics for special needs Education. But it is also especially concerned with research issues connected to learning, teaching, the teaching profession and its organization and conditions, from the point of view of other university subjects at University of Gothenburg. Therefore links are established between the Graduate Research School and representatives for all the faculties that in different ways are engaged in teacher education and the teaching profession. Thus the Graduate Research School in Educational Sciences spanning over the faculties.

The Graduate Research School in Educational Sciences makes it possible to utilize and coordinate the current research and research education within already established fields relevant to teacher education. This also provides possibilities in the long term to develop new areas of knowledge, as well as new lines of research connected to teacher education, the teaching profession and the different subject areas of the university.