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University of Gothenburg

Theses and dissertations

Doctoral Theses

Hedvig Krona (2020)
On lifetime violent criminality in a Swedish forensic psychiatric cohort
Lunds universitet - Forskningsportal

Alva Stråge (2019)
Minds, Brains and Desert: On the relevance of neuroscience for retributive punishment
GUP 287301

Anna-Kari Sjödin (2017)
Offenders of Intimate Partner Violence: Aggressive antisocial behavior and mental health
GUP 261200

Örjan Falk (2016)
Aggressive Antisocial Behavior: Risk Factors and Personality Profile 
GUP 249010

Sara Lina Hansson Halleröd (2016)
On the validity of neurodevelopmental disorders
Lund University - Research Portal 
GUP 248333

Ola Ståhlberg (2015)
Comorbidity across childhood-onset neuropsychiatric disorders
GUP 217386

Sara Bromander (2013)
Neurobiological markers for personality, inflammation and stress: A naturalistic study in knee arthroplastic patients
GUP 217417

Christina Lund (2013)
Mentally disordered offenders: a longitudinal study of forensic psychiatric assessments and criminal recidivism
GUP 217421

Tomas Larson (2013)
A-TAC - The Autism-Tics, ADHD and other Comorbidities inventory: studies in reliability and validity 
Lund University - Research Portal
GUP 193668

Märta Wallinius (2012)
Aggressive antisocial behavior- clinical, cognitive, and behavioral covariates of its persistence 
Översikt Pdf

Anita Carlstedt (2012)
Child Sexual Abuse: Crimes, Victims, Offender Characteristics, and Recidivism 
GUP 179457

Sebastian Lundström (2011)
Autistic-like traits
Lund University - Research Portal  
GUP 161540

Christina Gustavson (2010)
Risk and prediction of violent crime in forensic psychiatry

Rolf Anckarsäter (2010)
Neurochemical and neuroendocrine reactions during non-neurological surgery
GUP 107851

Björn Hofvander (2009)
AD/HD and autism spectrum disorders in adults
Översikt Pdf