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Latest publications from CELAM

CELAM's complete publication list at Gothenburg University Library

  • Alexandre Granjard, Marko Mihailovic, Clara Amato, Maryam Kazemitabar, Franco Lucchese, Christian Jacobsson, Nobuhiko Kijima, Danilo Garcia (2021)
    Occupation and life satisfaction among individuals with mental illness: The mediation role of self-reported psychophysiological health GUP 301303
  • Aikatarini Trantou, Hanne Krage Carlsen, Christina Andersson, Steinn Steingrimsson (2021)
    Sickness Absence Recommendation Among Outpatients With ADHD and Comorbidity: A Latent Class Analysis. GUP 279322
  • Malin Hildebrand Karlén, Thomas Nilsson, Märta Wallinius, Eva Billstedt, Björn Hofvander (2020)
    A bad start: The combined effects of early onset substance use and adhd and cd on criminality patterns, substance abuse and psychiatric comorbidity among young violent offenders GUP301016
  • Ruchika Gajwani, Lisa Dinkler, Sebastian Lundström, Paul Lichtenstein, Christopher Gillberg, Helen Minnis (2020)
    Mania symptoms in a Swedish longitudinal population study: The roles of childhood trauma and neurodevelopmental disorders, GUP 299654

  • Carl Delfin, Emily Ruzich, Märta Wallinius, Malin Björnsdotter, Peter Andiné (2020)
    Trait disinhibition and NoGo event-related potentials in violent mentally disordered offenders and healthy controls, GUP 299113
  • Hanna Edberg, Qi Chen, Peter Andiné, Henrik Larsson, Tatja Hirvikoski (2020)
    Clinical Characteristics and Pharmacological Treatment of Individuals With and Without Intellectual Disability in Pre-trial Assessment-A Population-Based Study, GUP 298715
  • Samuel Katzin, Peter Andiné, Björn Hofvander, Eva Billstedt, Märta Wallinius (2020)
    Exploring Traumatic Brain Injuries and Aggressive Antisocial Behaviors in Young Male Violent Offenders,  GUP 298714
  • Linda Gröning, Unn K Haukvik, Gerben Meynen, Susanna Radovic (2020)
    Constructing criminal insanity: The roles of legislators, judges and experts in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, GUP 297576
  • Christian Baudin, Thomas Nilsson, Märta Wallinius, Joakim Sturup, Peter Andiné (2020)
    A 24‐Year Follow‐up Study on Recidivism in Male Mentally Disordered Sexual Offenders With and Without Psychotic Disorders GUP 292270
  • P. Lichtenstein, M. Cederlöf, Sebastian Lundström, B. M. D'Onofrio, Henrik Anckarsäter, H. Larsson, E. Pettersson (2020)
    Associations between conduct problems in childhood and adverse outcomes in emerging adulthood: a longitudinal Swedish nationwide twin cohort
    GUP 291444
  • Danilo Garcia (2020)
    Bring Balance to the Force! A Biopsychosocial Model of Subjective Well-Being
    GUP 297429
  • M. J. Taylor, M. A. Rosenqvist, H. Larsson, Christopher Gillberg, B. M. D'Onofrio, P. Lichtenstein, Sebastian Lundström (2020)
    Etiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Autistic Traits over Time
    GUP 296877
  • Susanna Radovic, Lena Eriksson, Moa Kindström Dahlin (2020)
    Absence of insight as a catch-all extra-legislative factor in Swedish mental health law proceedings, GUP 292269
  • Henrik Bergman, Thomas Nilsson, Peter Andiné, Alessio Degl'Innocenti, Roland Thomeé, Annelie Gutke (2020)
    Physical performance and physical activity of patients under compulsory forensic psychiatric inpatient care. GUP 268575
  • Kevin M. Cloninger, Alexandre Granjard, Nigel Lester, Erik Lindskär, Patricia Rosenberg, C. Robert Cloninger, Danilo Garcia (2020)
    A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study using Mind-Body Interventions among Refugees in Sweden, GUP 296211
  • Alexandre Granjard, Kevin M. Cloninger, Erik Lindskär, Christian Jacobsson, Sverker Sikström, C. Robert Cloninger, Danilo Garcia (2020)
    Personality Profiles in a Sample of Swedish Long-Term Unemployed
    GUP 296213
  • Danilo Garcia; Kevin M. Cloninger; Sverker Sikström; Henrik Anckarsäter; C. Robert Cloninger (2020).
    A Ternary Model of Personality: Temperament, Character, and Identity ,
    GUP 269284
  • Steinn Steingrimsson; Hanne Krage Carlsen; Emil Lundström; Sebastian Lundström; Thomas Nilsson (2020).
    Problematic Alcohol and Drug Use Is Associated with Low Self-Directedness and Cooperativeness. ISSN: 1421-9891, GUP 291089
  • Lisa Dinkler; Mark J. Taylor; Maria Råstam; Nouchine Hadjikhani; Cynthia M. Bulik; Paul Lichtenstein; Christopher Gillberg; Sebastian Lundström (2020).
    Anorexia nervosa and autism: a prospective twin cohort study ISSN: 0021-9630, GUP 294033
  • A. Borjesson; Christian Möller; A. Hagelin; V. Vicente; A. Rane; M. Lehtihet; M. L. Dahl; N. Garevik; L. Ekstrom (2020).
    Male Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Users with Personality Disorders Report More Aggressive Feelings, Suicidal Thoughts, and Criminality ISSN: 1010-660X, GUP 295246
  • Maryam Kazemitabar; Ali Moghadamzadeh; Mojtaba Habibi; Rezvan Hakimzadeh; Danilo Garcia (2020).
    School Health Assessment Tools: A Systematic Review of Measurement in Primary Schools , GUP 293929
  • Sven H. Pedersen; Thomas Nilsson; Lena Eriksson (2020).
    Potential Pitfalls of Applying a Therapeutic Logic in Mental Health Law Proceedings ISSN: 1499-9013, GUP 295158
  • Danilo Garcia (2020).
    How “Dirty” is the Dark Triad? Dark Character Profiles, Swearing, and Sociosexuality ISSN: 2376-5992, GUP 294600
  • Susanna Radovic; Lena Eriksson; Moa Kindström Dahlin (2020).
    Absence of insight as a catch-all extra-legislative factor in Swedish mental health law proceedings ISSN: 1321-8719, GUP 292269