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Thomas Laurien

Senior Lecturer

The Design
Visiting address
Kristinelundsgatan 6-8
41137 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 131
40530 Göteborg

About Thomas Laurien

I am engaged in the cross disciplinary research field named Environmental Humanities, where there is space and need for artistic approaches and methods, in addition to the ways that Science and the Humanities together try to tackle the environmental challenges of our time.

In 2017 I initiated and curated the exhibition ”New Companionships” for the Gothenburg Design Festival. In this exhibition I highlighted artistic work by HDK students who in various ways could be said to belong to the discourse of Environmental Humanities. The exhibition and its interlinked talks acted as a catalyst for the free standing course “Design and the Posthumanist Perspective”, now up and running (see:…).

As a continuation of these initiatives, a panel was organized for the Gothenburg Design Festival 2018, where designers, design researchers and design educators reflected on the ways that a posthumanist perspective can have an impact on design, and how designers, design researchers and design educators can relate to the field Environmental Humanities. (See After the panel we decided to form the network Design and Posthumanism:

Currently I’m engaged in the project “Shimmer and Entanglements in the River Basin of Viskan”, together with my colleague Theo Ågren, and funded by Boråsregionen. (See:…).

I am also occupied with the long term project “The Scarlet Lily Beetle Sanctuary”, which is a situated multispecies ethnography based on both factual and fictional premises. An offspring from this project is the multispecies storytelling format “Biojunta” that I have developed, and that I am now running in collaboration with the progressive adult educational association Studiefrämjandet. (See:…).

I am an active member of the networks “Design and Posthumanism”, and GU-CAS (a Critical Animal Studies network at Gothenburg University). I am also a member of GGBC – Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre, and an affiliated researcher at The Posthumanities Hub at KTH in Stockholm.

For images from projects, see the tab publications, and/or: