Jonna Håkansson

Doctoral Student

Unit for General Didactics and Pedagogic
Visiting address
Läroverksgatan 15
41120 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Jonna Håkansson

I am a PhD Student in Subject Matter Education within Environmental and Sustainability Education at IDPP. My research field consists of Critical Animal Studies and Critical Animal Pedagogy. Focus is on how critical perspectives on human-animal relations can be introduced in education and to explore what human-animal relations are then enabled (or disabled). I am especially interested in how we become with each other in the moment of encounter, and how oppression towards human and nonhuman animals intersect.

I have a background in Gender Studies, and a MA degree in Gender Studies from University of Gothenburg (2018), and have a special interest for theoretical and methodological points of departures with connection to feminist theory. I am interested in intersectionality, decolonial feminism, feminist affect theory, as well as critical posthumanism.


My research project is carried out within the field of critical education research, and consists of a Critical Participatory Action Research project in which collaboration between upper secondary schools, universities, and social movements is explored as a path forward in developing and introducing Critical Animal Pedagogies within in upper secondary schools. The project consists of:

(a) workshops with teachers and students from upper secondary schools, scholars from university, and activists from social movements that will discuss possibilities and challenges in working with Critical Animal Pedagogies in sustainability education in upper secondary schools. During the workshops educational material and practices will be developed.

(b) parallel with the workshops, Critical Animal Pedagogies are introduced in the participating teachers classes. A study of what happens when these pedagogical practices are introduced in practices is carried out.

Theoretically the project is anchored in feminist and critical theory, more precisely critical animal studies, feminist affect theory, and critical posthumanism. The overall aim is to explore how Critical Animal Pedagogies may generate possibilities within Environmental and Sustainability Education to address, challenge and transform human-animal relations and their social, ethical and environmental ramifications.


I am one of the initiators to the cross-disciplinary network GU-CAS: Gothenburg University’s Network for Critical Animal Studies in the Anthropocene. GU-CAS puts human-animal relations at the center in exploring novel approaches to environmental problems, social injustice and climate change.