Suzanne Lundvall

About Suzanne Lundvall

About Suzanne Lundvall

Suzanne Lundvall has since 1/9 2020, been employed as a professor in sports science at Gothenburg university specializing in the school subject physical education and health. The professorship is part of a three-year strategic promotion of physical education and health (PEH) research that the Faculty of Education has decided. As part of this initiative, a senior lecturer with research time corresponding to 50% has also been linked; Andreas Fröberg, as well as a doctoral student; Petter Wiklander. The coming research will take on a sustainability perspective on PEH.

Suzanne has a PE teacher exam and is, since 1992, active as a PETE educator. She defended her dissertation A Subject in Motion in 2003 at the Stockholm University. The dissertation has a cultural-historical and gender perspective and explores in what ways movement traditions in a PETE education program are produced, reproduced and abandoned. The time period studied is 1944 to 1992. Over the years, Suzanne has had, besides the assignments as teacher educator and researcher, several management roles such as being head of department, and pro vice chancellor.

Suzanne has been the coordinator and project leader for the multidisciplinary project School-Sports-Health (SSH) which started in 2001, a longitudinal research project, whose overall purpose has been to investigate young people's physical status and experience of health and the school subject PEH from both a teacher and student perspective. Furthermore, young people's attitudes to and involvement in organized sport and spontaneous sports, broadly defined, have been part of what have been studied over time. The SSH project has generated a number of dissertations and international articles.

Her more specific research interests concern learning processes in movement and the development of movement competence and physical literacy. She has conducted a number of curriculum studies focusing on PEH didactics. Suzanne's research often has a socio-cultural critical perspective, in which intersectional aspects, for example, gender / gender and ethnicity / socio cultural aspects are included.

Suzanne is the Swedish representative in the international organization Féderation International Éducation Physique (FIEP). One main aim of the FIEP is to focus on PEH-research and studies of ‘quality physical education’. She is part of the research group SCoPE at IKI and continuously participates in a number of international scientific committees. In addition to her employment at IKI, from January 2021 she will have a 20% employment as Professor II at the University of Western Norway, an assignment that aims to mutually promote and contribute to the PEH research environment at IKI.