Susanne Fredholm

Visiting Lecturer

Department of
Visiting address
Guldhedsgatan 5a
41320 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 130
40530 Göteborg

About Susanne Fredholm

Susanne Fredholm is a researcher and senior lecturer in Conservation of Built Environments, at University of Gothenburg (UGOT). She is also senior advisor in heritage planning at WSP Sweden, one of the world's leading professional services firms, where she provides consultancy services to infrastructure and urban planning sectors in heritage related planning projects.

Fredholm is connected to the research cluster Curating the City at the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (UGOT and University College London). She is also part of the HERILAND team, a Marie Curie funded research school on heritage management and landscape with a critical approach.

Supervisor of PhD-students

Maitri Dore: preliminary title How does heritage shape the future city? Reflections from Gothenburg and Mumbai. Diss. in Conservation within Marie Curie funded research school HERILAND. Start Sep 1, 2019.

Teaching Areas

Her teaching areas include the Swedish heritage planning regulatory framework, landscape assessment methodology, critical perspectives on heritage in the sustainable development agenda, as well as master thesis supervision in the field of heritage conservation and planning.

Current research projects

2019-2023: “Ecosystem services - an integrative instrument for sustainable living environments in practice?” The Swedish government research council for sustainable development. Research team: Petra Adolfsson, Ingegärd Eliasson, Annelie Sjölander-Lindqvist

2020–2021: “TEKLA 2030: The effects of transport infrastructure on cultural environments and landscapes.” The Swedish National Heritage Board. Research team: Hans Antonsson, Mia Björckebaum, Carl-Johan Sanglers, Krister Olsson.

No longer running projects

2018–2020: “My place in the Biosphere.” The Swedish government research council for sustainable development.Research team: Ingegärd Eliasson, Eva Gustavsson, Museum of Lake Vänern, the Man and Biosphere coordinators of Vänerskärgården med Kinnekulle.

2016–2019: “Cultural heritage and the historic environment in sustainable landscape management” The Swedish National Heritage Board. Research Team: Ingegärd Eliasson, Igor Knez.

2018–2019 “Cultural Heritage and Spatial Planning. Roles and Responsibilities.” The Swedish National Heritage Board. Research team: Krister Olsson, Maria Håkansson, Elin Sahlin, Johanna Alton.

2018–2019 “Compensation, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Ecosystem Services as Planning Tools.” The Swedish National Heritage Board. Research team: Magnus Rönn, Benjamin Grahn Danielsson, Krister Olsson, Freja Frölander.

2017–2019 “Collaboration and cooperation across professional borders. Case study: The West Link.”
The Swedish Traffic Administration. Research team: Krister Olsson, Ola Wetterberg

2013–2016: “Fjällandskap: betydelsen av kulturella ekosystemtjänster.” The Swedish National Heritage Board & The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Research team: Ingegärd Eliasson, Igor Knez, Anna Tengberg and Malin Weijmer.