Gabriella Sandstig

Senior Lecturer

Journalism Media and Communication
Visiting address
Seminariegatan 1 b
41313 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 710
40530 Göteborg

About Gabriella Sandstig

Gabriella Sandstig, senior lecturer at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) at the University of Gothenburg, received her Ph.D. in 2010, with a thesis on media effects on risk perceptions of fear and insecurity in Urban Public Spaces. During her postdoctoral position at the Nordic University of Public Health (NHV), within the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers' project Globalization Initiative with a focus on welfare and health, she contributed with knowledge of the role of media and communication to promote a healthy lifestyle among 3-5 year old children (NordChild-data 2011). During her postdoctoral position at the Department of Political Science in Gothenburg under the leadership of Professor Staffan I. Lindberg she was the project manager for the development and implementation of an expandable relational database model and responsible for a sustainable application adaption of the visualisation and online analyses of social science data based on some of the world’s largest, longest and most advanced longitudinal databases (SOM, QOoG and WVS), within the Social Science Faculty infrastructure initiative at the University of Gothenburg (Dnr B 1 1802/09).

Research Areas

Her main fields of research are the effects of media and risk communication on risk perceptions related to safety and security topics, urban settings and health issues. She has conducted funded research for the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the National Agency for Social Insurance. She has also collaborated with agencies such as the National Council for Crime Prevention, the Foundation Safer Sweden, The Swedish Association of Town Centre Management Research Advisory Council and large-scale housing companies in evaluating, advising and developing security metrics and developing a digital adaption of the Safety walk. In 2018 she received the Carin Mannheimer award as promising young researcher of the year, based on a research project on the effects of stereotypes on capabilities in crisis. Apart from research activities, she also has administrative experience from being the strategic IT coordinator for the faculty of Social Sciences, and a member of the strategic IT-board at the University of Gothenburg 2013–2016. Between 2013–2018 she was also board member of the Swedish Association of Town Centre Management Research Advisory Council, between 2018-2021 board member of Urban Safety and Societal Security Research Center (URBSEC), and since 2020 board member of The Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research (FSMK), where she currently is Vice Chairman.

Current Research Project

  • Risk and preparedness communication for a robust digital urban society (DURCOM)
  • The effects of age-stereotypes on older adults' capabilities in crisis

Completed Research Project

  • The effects of communicating fire safety on peoples risk perceptions
  • The landscape of segregation
  • Confidence in the National Agency for Self-Incurance
  • Security Metrics for Integrated Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Healthy mass media
  • Mediated experiences


Is responsible for courses and teaches within modules at both the bachelor and master level (Political Communication) at JMG. At the master level: Responsible for MK2100 Advanced Analysis in Media- and Communication Studies (15 credits), from 2023 responsible for MK2202 The Politics of Crisis Communication (15 credits), and teaches within MK2201 Political Communication in the digital Age (30 credits). At the bachelor level: Responsible for MK1207 Media and communication science, intermediate course, 30 credits(30 credits), the Method module on MK1501 (15 credits) in Media and Communication Science, Advanced Course (30 credits) and teaches within the Media module on MK1104 Media and communication science, introductory course, 30 credits (30 credits).


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