Karin Åberg

Doctoral Student

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Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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Box 650
40530 Göteborg

About Karin Åberg

I am a Doctoral Candidate in International Law.

My dissertation topic, concerns the development of asylum law as expressed in EU law, under the ECHR and in national implementation. I specifically examine how law and legal expectations interacts with securitization and humanitarianist values.

My supervisors are Gregor Noll and Matilda Arvidsson.

I have a Swedish Law Degree from Lund University as well as an LLM in International Migration and Refugee Law. After graduating, I worked first as a legal advisor to refugees in Greece and then with advocating for undocumented migrants' human rights in Brussels.

Research areas

  • Migration Law
  • Human Rights
  • International Law
  • Legal Theory
  • EU law

Teaching areas

  • Migration Law
  • Law Clinic