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About Eva-Maria Svensson

Professor, docent, LLD, LLM in Law, Department of Law, School of Business, Economics and LawMy research is mainly concentrated on legal philosophy and theory, particularly in the field feminist/gender legal studies, gender equality law and policy, and freedom of speech. I also do research in the fields of ageing and capability, gender equality in the Arctic as well as Studies of Academic Knowledge in Law. I participate in several research networks, in jurisprudence, feminist/gender studies, socio-legal studies, critical legal studies, free speech issues, such as the international network on Gender Equality in the Arctic TUARQ, the Nordic Network in Women’s Law and Feminist/Gender Legal Studies, several International Network in Feminist and Feminist Legal Studies, Critical legal scholars, NORSIL (the Nordic Research Network for Sámi and Indigenous People's Law), and the International Association for Legal Philosophy and Social Philosophy (IVR).

During the years 2012-2017 I was director for the centre Gothenburg interdisciplinary gender research Network (GIG).

Up to 2017 I have supervised eight LLD students to dissertation, and for the moment (2021) I am supervisor for three LLD students. I teach master students as well as PhD and LLD students in legal theories and methods, feminist legal studies, discrimination and gender equality.Senior leader for the research group in jurisprudence at the Department of Law.

Ongoing research projects

Taking contextual legal philosophy seriously: a feminist Nordic perspective

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Research areas

  • Legal theory and philosophy including feminist/gender legal studies, gender equality and equality policy and law, freedom of expression, indigenous rights, ageing and capability

Research in progress

Teaching areas

  • Legal theories and methods, feminist/gender legal studies, gender equality and equality policy and law, studies of academic knowledge

Selected publications

Exploiting Justice in a Transformative Swedish Society: In Special Issue: Exploiting Justice in a Transformative Swedish Society. Svensson, Eva-Maria, Nordic Journal on Law and Society, 3 (2), 1-25, 1, 2020.

Older Women, the Capabilities Approach and CEDAW: Normative Foundations and Instruments for Evaluation of the Governance of the Nordic ArcticSvensson, Eva-Maria New Challenges to Ageing in the Rural North A Critical Interdisciplinary Perspective. International Perspectives on Aging book series (Int. Perspect. Aging, volume 22), 13-30, 2019.

Feminist and Environmentalist Public Governance in the ArcticSvensson, Eva-MariaArctic Environmental Modernities From the Age of Polar Exploration to the Era of the Anthropocene / edited by Lill-Ann Körber, Scott MacKenzie, Anna Westerståhl Stenport, Palgrave Macmillan, s. 215-230, 2017

Gender Equality in the Governance of the Arctic RegionSvensson, Eva-MariaNordic Journal on Law and Society, 1:1-2, s. 16-64, 2017

Women’s Human Rights in the Governance of the Arctic – Gender Equality and Violence against Indigenous WomenSvensson, Eva-Maria & Burman, MonicaThe Yearbook of Polar Law Online, 9 (1), 53-78, 3, 2018.

Building and Sustaining Freedom of Expression, Considering SwedenKenyon, Andrew, Svensson, Eva-Maria, Edström, MariaNordicom Review 2017:1, 38:1 (Jun 20017), s. 31-45, 2016