Per Åberg


Department of Marine Sciences
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Medicinaregatan 7B
413 90 Göteborg
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About Per Åberg

Vice Dean

I am responsible for the first and second cycle education at the Faculty of Science

Research interests My research interest is population ecology in general and more specifically demography and life-history evolution. I am also interested in plant animal interactions. I mainly use species living on rocky shores as my model species but I have also worked on seagrasses.

I have in several earlier projects gathered and analysed demographic data using size based matrix population models (MPM). Size is a continuous variable and thus it can be problematic to divide the population into specific size classes. A development of MPMs is Integral Projection Models that can handle continuous phenotypic characters such as size in a better way. I develop and analyse new IPMs for the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum using data from my earlier projects. Ascophyllum is a foundation species living on rocky shores in the intertidal zone in the northern Atlantic. It is long lived and has an inducible chemical defence against grazing that is costly in terms of growth. So scenarios of chemical defence will also be linked to the models. The work on chemical defence I do in collaboration with colleagues at the department of Marine Sciences.

Teaching interests I teach on several courses in the undergraduate programme in biology and marine sciences. My main teaching is population ecology. Together with a colleague I also give an Internet based course in Marine Biology. It is open to anyone who has basic qualificiations for university studies.