Michael Hansen


Department of Education and Special
Visiting address
Västra Hamngatan 25
41117 Göteborg
Room number
A3 313
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Michael Hansen

Research interests I am interested in the conditions for producing scientific knowledge in education. The number of scientific studies in this area, globally and historically, is enormous. But how is all this knowledge organized and how can results from different studies, countries, or research traditions be related to each other? Shared theories, concepts, and methods for data production play important roles, but what does the internal communication of the research community really look like?

Teaching interests I enjoy to teach social scientific methods because it tends to evoke discussions about possibilities and difficulties in illuminating education issues with empirical studies.

Keywords educational effects, classroom research, teaching processes, social selection, quantitative methods, communication, science studies.

Research groups and projects