Johan Häggström

Educational Developer

+46 31-786 22 44
Visiting address
Vera sandbergs allé 8
41133 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 160
40530 Göteborg

About Johan Häggström

Research interests I am active in the research field of the didactics of mathematics. My main interest involves the relationship between teaching and learning in the mathematics classroom, not at the system level. I am especially interested in factors controlled by the teacher, such as how instruction is organized and how the mathematics content is treated. In connection with this, I am studying how mathematical concepts are dealt with in different classrooms. The analyses are primarily carried out in a framework of variation theory and with a content focus on school algebra. Teaching interests All courses in the field of the didactics of mathematics, teaching and learning of mathematics, and didactic theory centring on mathematics, especially oriented towards future teachers and practising teachers in mathematics. Keywords didactics of mathematics, teaching and learning of mathematics, classroom research, variation theory, didactic subject-matter theory in mathematics, algebra, teacher education


The Learner´s Perspective Study NOMAD, Nordiska Matematikdidaktik