David Brax


Swedish Secretariat for Gender
Postal address
Box 709
40530 Göteborg

About David Brax

I am a senior investigator at the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research since 2018. I received my doctorate in practical philosophy at Lund University in 2009 with the thesis Hedonism as the explanation of value, and have worked at the University of Gothenburg since 2010.


My work focuses mainly on issues related to hate and threats in society and the consequences of this. In previous research projects, I have mainly worked with moral philosophical perspectives on hate crime legislation.

Current projects

I am currently working on a survey concerning vulnerability to threats and hatred in the Swedish higher education sector. The survey concerns the extent, forms, distribution and consequences of vulnerability and concern about vulnerability in the sector. An interim report was published in July 2022 and a final report is planned to be published in autumn 2023.


Collaboration is an integral part of the secretariat's operations. The investigation of threats and hatred in the higher education sector has taken place in collaboration with SULF and SUHF.