Elisabeth Punzi

Senior Lecturer

Department of Social
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 25
41123 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Elisabeth Punzi


Clinical psychologist, specialized in clinical psychology, specialized in neuropsychology. I have worked with clients with various psychosocial difficulties, in marignalized situations. PhD in psychology and associate professor.


I mainly teach qualitative methods and courses in mental health and substance misuse. I am also director of doctoral studies.

Research interests

I am interested in questions of gender, ethnicity and religion as well as artistic expressions and how they can support recovery and be integrated in psychosocial work and psychiatry.

I also work at the Center for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS), directing the project concerning Heritage and well-being. I was part of arranging the conference The material and immaterial heritage of psychiatry, June 11-12th, 2019 at Gothenburg University.

Current research

My research interest concerns the intersection of clinical practice and clinical research and how the unique client and his/hers experiences and context might be the starting point for research as well as for practice. I often write from existential, humanistic, critical, Mad studies or psychodynamic perspectives.

I study artistic expressions and how they might be important for meaning making as well as for resistance and activism. I am also part of the Interdisciplinary Network for Narratives and Mental Health together with Professor Christoph Singer, Innsbruck university. PhD Jarmila Mildorf, Paderborn university and Professor Cornelia Wächter, Dresden university. With them, I co-arranged the conference Narratives and mental health: fragmentations, disruptions and silences, in Paderborn December, 2017. We are also editors for a book series called Narratives and mental health, published by the academic publisher Brill.

Psychiatry holds a heritage, both in the form of buildings, survivors/users' creative work, and survivirs/users' narratives. I write about this heritage and how we need to acknowledge the experiences of those individuals. We also need to engage in remembrance of psychiatry's heritage and admit the abuse that has taken, and still takes place, and learn from the past. I cooperate with survivors/users in the association Mad heritage & contemporary arts and I am part of the board of Gyllenkroken, an activity center for people have been or are users of psychiatry. I am also part of the board of Swedish Association for Philosophy and Psychiatry.

Togehter with Mikaela Starke and Anneli Larsson, I am working on a research project about violence toward persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Since there are so many interesting topics to write about, I cannot keep from also writing about the connection between psychoanalysis and Judaism and specifically the Jewish identity of Sigmund Freud and how anti-semitism needs to be acknowledged when trying to understand Sigmund Freud and his writings.

Together with PhD student Mostafa Hosseini, I have studies how unaccompanied refugee minors experience intergation. I am also part of a research project led by PhD Lisa Rudolfsson concerning how women who have been raped are encountered by police and medical staff members. Through the perspective of the women concerned, police men and medical staff members we investigate how the reception of raped women might be improved.