Elisabeth Punzi

Senior Lecturer

Department of Social
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 25
41123 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Elisabeth Punzi


Clinical psychologist, specialized in clinical psychology, specialized in neuropsychology. I have worked with clients with various psychosocial difficulties, in marignalized situations. PhD in psychology and associate professor.


I mainly teach qualitative methods and courses in mental health, trauma, crisis and substance misuse. I am also director of doctoral studies.

Research interests

I am interested in questions of gender, ethnicity and religion as well as artistic expressions and how they can support recovery and be integrated in psychosocial work and psychiatry.

I also work at the Center for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS), directing the project concerning Heritage and well-being. I was part of arranging the conference The material and immaterial heritage of psychiatry, June 11-12th, 2019 at Gothenburg University.

Current research

My research interest concerns the intersection of clinical practice and clinical research and how the unique client and his/hers experiences and context might be the starting point for research as well as for practice. I often write from existential, humanistic, critical, Mad studies or psychodynamic perspectives.

I have received funding from RJ to establish an international, interdisciplinary network that focuses on narrative, creative expression and clinical practice. The network is led by me and Jarmila Mildorf, Paderborn Universität, Christoph Singer, Innsbruck Universität and Cornelia Wächter, Dresden Universität. Together we are editors of the Narratives and Mental Health book series published by the academic publisher Brill. In the network, we work together with Professor Hans Peter Söder at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, Munich and the James Loeb society, Murnau, where the work of patron James Loeb is focused.

Together with Mikaela Starke and Anneli Larsson, I am working on a research project on violence against people with intellectual disabilities. This is done in collaboration with Myndigheten för delaktighet and we focus on what knowledge about violence is available, what methods are used, and not least what knowledge and efforts are needed.

At the turn of the year 2023-2024, a three-year research project financed by Brottsofferfonden starts up. The project is called "Crime victims with intellectual disabilities. To identify the target group and improve the response using the LDSQ question method". I work together with Mikaela Starke and Johan Hagborg Melander in this project.

I also have a research project together with Kompetenscentrum Kultur och hälsa, Region Stockholm, in which Jonas Stålheim and I research Kreativ verkstad, a creative activity for patients in Psykiatri affektiva, Stockholm Södra.

Previously, I have participated in a project on the renovation of housing led by Professor Paula Femenias, Chalmers, where I particularly looked at psychosocial factors and how renovation is experienced by the residents. I was also a researcher in a project led by associate professor Lisa Rudolfsson that dealt with reception of women who have been raped. The studies considered the perspective of the women, the medical staff and the police on how treatment works today and how it can be improved. Together with doctoral student Mostafa Hosseini, I had a research project on how unaccompanied young people from Afghanistan perceive integration and what they see as strengthening a sense of belonging.