Cecilia Björck

About Cecilia Björck

I work as a senior lecturer with focus on youth research at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning (IPKL). Here, I teach and supervise students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

I have a background as music teacher in school at primary, secondary, college and university level. In 2011, I defended my PhD compilation thesis in music education with the title Claiming space: Discourses on gender, popular music, and social change. The study shows that the expression "to claim space" ("ta plats") is central in discussions about gender equality work in music. But what does it mean to "claim space"? Are there different ways of claiming space? And what might happen if you claim space? These issues are discussed in the thesis.

My research interest is focused on meaning-making in relation to young people's engagement with popular culture, especially concerning aspects of gender, equality, norms and normalization. At present, I am involved in a number of research projects, among other things exploring young Swedes' interest in Eastern Asian popular culture, music organizations' equality work, and gender equality in jazz music.