Bengt Furåker

Professor Emeritus

Department of Sociology and Work
Visiting address
Skanstorget 18
41122 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Bengt Furåker

BENGT FURÅKER was appointed Professor of Sociology at the University of Gothenburg in 1990. He has two exams from Lund University (B.A. and Ph.D.) and one from the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (M.A.). Before being appointed in Gothenburg, he held positions at the Departments of Sociology at Lund University and, later, Umeå University. In 2002-03 he was a Visiting Fellow at Yale University, USA. Furåker is today Senior Professor at the Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg.

Teaching and tutoring Occasional lectures and contributions in seminars.

Supervision of students who have received a PhD Umeå University: Mats Johansson 1986; Carl-Ulrik Schierup 1987; Marianne Ekström 1990; Thomas Ericsson 1991; Helen Eriksson and Elly Gunnarsson 1997 (shared with Staffan Marklund)

Luleå University of Technology: Bo Helgeson 1986; Ulf Lindberg 1990

University of Gothenburg: Sven Paulson 1993; Patrik Larsson 1996; Marianne Blomsterberg 1996; Birgitta Eriksson 1998; Christer Theandersson 2000; Ann-Britt Mossberg Sand 2000; Tomas Berglund 2001; Lars Hansen 2002; Agneta Hansson 2003; Stefan Schedin 2003; Stina Wingfors 2004; Mattias Bengtsson 2008; Gunilla Bergström (2010); Anna Hedenus (2011); Kristina Lovén Seldén (2014); and Patrik Vulkan (2016) (deputy supervisor). In addition to this, supervision of three students who have received a licentiate: Curt Andersson, Patrik Larsson and Birgitta Eriksson).

Karlstad University: Lars Ivarsson 2005.

Research fields Furåker’s principal research interest covers labour market issues, employment and unemployment, labour market policy, labour mobility, transnational trade union cooperation, working conditions, work-related attitudes, public sector services, the relationship between the labour market and the welfare state, and social stratification.

Most recent research project 2009-12 Can the unions in the EU cooperate? FAS (FORTE, Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare.)

Other Furåker is member of the Research Council of the Swedish Federation of Unemployment Insurance Funds (Sveriges A-kassor). During 2014-2020 he was Director of Research Centre for Work and Employment (WE) at the University of Gothenburg. He has previously been external member of the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (2003-2006), member of the Boards of the University of Gothenburg (2003-2006), the Office of Labour Market Policy Evaluation (1997-2002), the Committee of Experts at the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions in Dublin (1995-2002) and the Swedish Council for Social Research (1990-1998). Furåker was Editor of Acta Sociologica, the journal of the Nordic Sociological Association, in 2006-2010.