Patrik Vulkan

Senior Lecturer

Department of Sociology and Work
Visiting address
Skanstorget 18
41122 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Patrik Vulkan

Presentation PATRIK VULKAN obtained both his master’s degree in Sociology and his bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of Gothenburg. He has been a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology since spring 2010. Specialist Fields

• Sociology of working life and labour market • Welfare state research • Class analysis

Current research Working title of PhD thesis: “Security, Flexibility and Mobility in the Labour Market”

The dissertation concerns employees’ perception of their job, employment and income security, and how these perceptions are related to readiness to adjust, or be flexible, to changing circumstances in the labour market. A central aim is to research to what degree security and flexibility respectively contribute to or obstruct mobility in the labour market. The dissertation will be based on quantative material collected as a part of the ongoing research project “Job, Employment and Income Security”, with Tomas Berglund at the Department of Sociology, Gothenburg University as project leader. The project is also a Nordic collaboration project.

Selected publications Vulkan, P. (2009) Mellan klass, samhälle och marknad. Anställdas attityder till facket i sociologisk belysning. (Between Class, Society and Market. The attitude of Swedish employees towards trade unions in a sociological context) Göteborgs universitet,Sociologiska institutionen. (lank:

de Alencar, E. & Vulkan P. (2007) Anonym merit eller kulturell kompetens? En intersektionell analys av utomnordiska aktörers strategier för tillträde till arbetsmarknaden (Anonymous merit or cultural competence? An intersectional analysis of entrance strategies to the swedish labour market by actors with non-Nordic background). Göteborgs universitet, Sociologiska institutionen.