Alena Seredko

About Alena Seredko

Alena Seredko is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning since January 2020. Her doctoral work is a part of the Social Dimensions of Expertise Development in Networked Communities (SOCDEX) research project that aims to understand how online communities contribute to sharing, recognizing and developing expertise in the domain of computer programming.

Alena’s research interests are positioned at the intersection of Learning Sciences, Science and Technology Studies, and Social Media Studies. Her research focuses on professionals’ knowledge practices and learning on a large-scale online platform. By taking a sociomaterial and practice-based perspective, and an ethongraphically-oriented approach, she examines how situated knowledge practices of software developers are organized in relation to both the social dimension of online interactions among users and the materialities of a particular platform, its interfaces, mechanics, and algorithms. The project is intended to contribute to the understanding of how online platforms become prominent in domains of knowledge, how professionals' knowledge practices online are socially and materially organized.