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Accommodations for Staff

This page provides information about finding accommodation for incoming researchers, doctoral students and staff. Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city and is hugely popular not only with students, but also companies. Many people are moving to study and work in Gothenburg, causing a housing shortage. For this reason, we encourage you to begin looking for accommodation as soon as possible.

University guest housing

The University of Gothenburg has a wide variety of guest apartments at convenient addresses in and around the city. These function as temporary accommodations for internationally recruited faculty and staff, as well as international researchers, professors, teachers, and lecturers from other universities or organizations abroad. The apartments vary in size and some of the larger ones can accommodate as many as six people. There are also single rooms available for shorter stays. Please note that our guest housing services are not intended for conference delegates

All bookings and reservations are to be made by your host department.

Pickup service

Tenants who will be staying in one of the University’s guest accommodations are offered a personal welcome and pickup upon their arrival, free of charge. Transport can be arranged either to the booked accommodation or to the host department. The host is also informed once the pickup has been confirmed.

We offer this service upon first arrival.

Housing hotels

Housing hotels offer fully furnished apartments that can be rented during shorter and longer periods. The University of Gothenburg has two procurement contracts for two areas based on proximity to the university’s institutions and faculties.

Relocation companies

Relocation companies help to relocate staff if necessary and can assist with the search for an apartment. The University of Gothenburg has an agreement with two different relocation companies.

Longstay hotels

Longstay hotels that offers stays for a week or more, and the services include furnished rooms/apartments including some cooking facilities. The University of Gothenburg uses state agreements procured by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. For more information, visit

Bookings and reservation

All bookings and reservations of housing hotels, relocation companies and longstay hotels are to be made by the host department.

SGS Student Housing for doctoral students

If you are a doctoral student, you can apply for accommodation through SGS, a foundation managing Gothenburg’s largest range of student housing. Even though the waiting time is normally about one and a half years, it is not impossible to be offered an accommodation through SGS faster. After the 15th of the month, any apartments that have not yet been rented out and are available from the upcoming month are advertised through the service Direct.

At the end of the month, any apartments that are unoccupied for the upcoming month are advertised and offered through the service Last Minute (first come, first serve). Accordingly, it can pay off to keep a close eye on SGS and to check in frequently.

Read more about Direct and Last Minute on SGS’ website.

Other housing options

The Move to Gothenburg web portal provides a lot of helpful information about finding a home in, and around, Gothenburg. You will find useful tips about where to look, how to expand your search, and what to keep in mind. You can read about tenancy rights, different aspects of renting first hand and second hand, what to think about if you are contemplating buying a home, and much more.

Avoid scams

Just like everywhere else, there are fictive landlords trying to trick you. You should be careful about “too good to be true” offers.

Also, make sure that you

  • never transfer a deposit to the landlord until you or a friend has actually seen the lease and place;

  • insist on having a written leasing contract when you agree with a landlord to let or sublet a room/flat;
  • use an authorized leasing contract.
  • Form a picture of the situation, not the person. 
  • Check with the property owner that the person is the occupier of the flat. 
  • Require identification of the landlord and a tenancy agreement. 
  • Never pay deposit or rent in advance before you have visited the accommodation and a contract is signed. 
  • Be wary if the landlord is abroad or cannot meet you.
  • Do not pay money via anonymous payment services. 
  • Bring a friend or family member when you visit the accommodation. Four eyes can easier reveal fraud. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is. 
  • If you have been the victim of fraud, it is important that you report this to the police.