University of Gothenburg

Living costs

Although Sweden is considered somewhat expensive, your cost of living in Gothenburg will in many ways depend on your individual lifestyle. A number of commodities are more costly than the European mean, while others might be cheaper. However, by planning a monthly budget most newcomers find it easy to adjust.

Monthly budget for a student

If you are coming to Gothenburg to study and want to calculate your approximate monthly living expenses, here is a guide to help you. Please note that this is an estimate, not an exact number for all students in Gothenburg or Sweden.

Cost calculator for people with employment

Move to Gothenburg has developed a tool that will help you understand your possible cost of living in Sweden. The costs benefit calculator will give you an estimate based on your profession and family situation, calculate daily living costs and showcase your disposable income and benefits.

Move to Gothenburg's Calculator

Cash is not king in Sweden

One thing to be aware of is that in Sweden 'card is king'. Do not bring large amounts of cash as it can be difficult to pay with. The most common and accepted debit & credit card in Sweden is Visa or Mastercard. Please note that some restrictions may apply to American Express and Maestro cards. 

Online shopping, signing agreements and payments

Online shopping, signing agreements, and paying bills can be tricky in a new country. "Hallå konsument" is a national service with information in many languages about rights and obligations as a consumer in Sweden. 

Hallå Konsument's webpage

Tips on saving money

In many ways, Gothenburg is at the forefront of sustainable consumption and effective use of resources. In the last decade, a huge number of second hand boutiques and initiatives based in lending, borrowing, and giving things have sprung up throughout the city landscape. Smartakartan is an interactive map where you can find places to rent, borrow, or give things or services.