Kevin Storgärd student MSc LTM

Kevin studies MSc Logistics and Transport Management

"During my five years as a student here, I went on two exchange semesters, which is something that I truly recommend!"

How did you go about choosing a master's program?
- During my bachelor's years, I realized relatively quickly, that it was the courses in logistics that interested me the most. I was really interested in everything that revolved around logistics and corporate governance and therefore it felt natural to continue on that path and immerse myself in logistics and transport management.

Why does MSc LTM suit you so well?
- It is the high focus on logistics in all courses that interests me and that you get to learn about what is happening in different parts of transport. You get a good insight into what is to come, as well as the current problems and solutions that prevail in current global issues. In my programme you get to take part in the thoughts of many sensible individuals and I think that this gives a lot for their future understanding in logistical problems, which I consider to be among the most important in my education. Something that is consistent at the School is the education's close connection to the business world. International business profiles and respected professors are a natural part of our programme as they hold guest lectures. The continuous contact with the actual outside world that you get on my programme has given me advantages in my professional life already today. Given the career path I have begun, I know that this master's will give me invaluable experience and a critical thinking about logistics that I would not have had otherwise. If you are interested in working in some form of logistics, whether it is inventory management, trade or something else, I consider MSc LTM to be an excellent choice of master's program.

In what way do studies at master's level differ compared with bachelor's level?
- During my Bachelor’s studies, I experienced to a much greater extent that the courses were about learning the content, rather than showing understanding of the subject. That there was a "correct" answer on the exam. On Master's level, I experience that those who run the courses are, to a larger extent, very interested in hearing our thoughts and how we perceive different situations. My experience is that the students are listened to and that the discussions are highly valued. It gives so much more to me and my learning process when the discussion lifts and you feel that the lecturer is really listening to your thoughts.

What do you want to do after graduation?
- I have worked extra in shipping since the second summer at school and it is in those industries that I currently hope to land even after graduation. Either that or in some form of management consulting in transportation. However, it is a broad education where you learn about very many areas, so who knows where you will end up. For me, the broad possibilities even after graduation feel like something very attractive and positive.