Bachelor's Programme in Business and Economics

Bachelor’s programme
3 years
180 credits (ECTS)
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Full education cost: 261 000 SEK
First payment: 43 500 SEK

No fees are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.

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In this education, we address issues related to sustainability. The content of the course or program fits into at least one of our 10 sustainability criteria. For you as a student, the sustainability label means guidance, quality assurance, and a guarantee that courses or programs contain a pronounced sustainability perspective.


Are you interested in an academic education of high quality, strong international focus, and excellent career opportunities? Would you like to help businesses to become more sustainable? Customise your degree through specialisation and elective courses, study one semester abroad and immerse yourself in extracurricular activities at the School. The combined breadth and depth of the Bachelor’s Programme in Business and Economics provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to work in different industries and professional roles.


Our society needs independent thinkers with rigorous knowledge in business and economics, who can use this knowledge to transform businesses and societies to become more sustainable.

High-quality international education 

The School is one of eight triple crown accredited business schools in the Nordic countries. This means that your education is regularly reviewed according to international standards, which emphasize the values of quality, diversity and inclusion, a global mindset, ethics and social responsibility.

You will meet teachers who are qualified researchers in their fields. The courses provide a broad international perspective, the study environment is international, and the programme is designed so that you can spend one semester abroad in one of our excellent partner universities around the world. Your degree is internationally recognised and prepares you for further studies at the advanced level.

The programme is fully taught in English: lectures and seminars, examinations, writing assignments are in English. If you are eligible to study in Swedish, you may apply to the Swedish version of the programme, which is taught mainly in Swedish during the first three semesters and offers the opportunity to write your bachelor’s thesis in Swedish. In the Swedish version, all courses after the third semester are taught in English.

Relevant knowledge to meet societal challenges 

This programme is based on the classical foundations of Economics, Business studies and Commercial Law, which are applied to real-life business problems and societal challenges. In many courses, you will get to meet managers and experts from businesses and the public sector to provide you with up-to-date understanding of business experiences and challenges.

As a programme student, you have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular training which sharpens skills that we know employers demand, such as presentation skills and the ability to collaborate effectively. As a student at the School of Business, Economics and Law, you are part of an environment that is characterised by the School’s close collaboration with partners in both private and public-sector businesses. You are provided with many opportunities to interact with future employers. If you choose to become involved in one of the Student Union’s own companies, you can translate your knowledge and skills into practical work tasks during your studies.

A broad programme with many possibilities for specialisation

The programme is designed to offer you a broad understanding of business and economic realities and many possibilities for specialisation. In total there are eight different specialisations where you can develop your expertise and prepare for your future career.

Programme structure and content

In the first introductory phase, you study a combination of basic courses in Business Administration, Economics, Statistics and Commercial Law.

In the second phase, you select your main field of study: Business administration, Economics or Financial Economics.

During the fifth semester, you can study at one of our excellent partner universities around the world. If you prefer to stay in Sweden, you can study elective courses at the School, at other faculties at the University, or at another Swedish university. This applies to students majoring in Business Administration or Economics. Students majoring in Finance study courses in Finance abroad or at the School.

If you have chosen Business Administration or Economics, you will specialise further in the last semester. Within Business Administration, you can specialise in Marketing, Management, Accounting, Industrial and Financial Management, Corporate Sustainability or International Business. If you chose to study Economics, you can choose in-depth courses as Development Economics, Environmental Economics or Policy Evaluation.

You will complete your education by writing a bachelor’s thesis.

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Who should apply?

Apply for the Bachelor’s Programme in Business and Economics if you are interested in a high quality international academic education with many possibilities to develop your own expertise to advance your career in different areas and if you want to use your expertise to transform businesses and economies to become more sustainable.

Prerequisites and selection


General entrance requirements for university studies and the Swedish upper secondary courses English 6, Mathematics 3b/3c, Civics 1b/1a1+1a2 or equivalent.


Selection is based upon your average grade from upper secondary school (66 %) and Högskoleprovet - Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (33 %)

After graduation

After completing your education, you will hold the Degree of Bachelor of Science that also specifies your main field of study. You will then be eligible for advanced-level studies, both in Sweden and abroad. A large percentage of students who graduate from the programme continue to study on one of the School’s nine specialised master’s programmes.

For those who want to enter the labour market, this degree offers many different career opportunities. Many students receive jobs before they graduate. Several of them now work as financial analysts, marketing managers, management consultants, project managers and controllers in multinational firms or smaller businesses in a wide range of industries and sectors. Others embark upon a career in government authorities or other public bodies and serve as environmental economist, environmental analyst, health economist or auditors.

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The School of Business, Economics and Law is part of the University of Gothenburg city campus in the centre of Gothenburg.

Exchange opportunities

The School’s international accreditation and partner university collaborations give you the opportunity to study your fifth semester at one of our excellent partner universities around the world. By studying abroad your education is profiled for a global career and gives you a competitive edge on the labour market.

If you have chosen to specialise in Business Administration or Economics, you can study elective courses abroad. In this way, you can choose to broaden or deepen your knowledge in an area that interests you. If you choose to specialise in Financial Economics, you will continue to study only this subject.

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