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Apply for BA Classical Performance

This information concerns applications to the Bachelor's Programme in Music, with a specialization in Classical Performance.

Admission tests

The following applied to students starting autumn 2020.

Audition, main instrument

Round 1

In the auditions you are expected to be prepared to perform four compositions of your own choice. The compositions should be of different style and from different eras.

A mandatory task may be added to the above. You will be informed about that in a notification you will receive before the entrance exams.

Round 2

In round 2 of the auditions you perform pieces from your round 1 repertoar. In addition the test may include one or several of the following elements:

  • An assignement from the sheet without preparation time (a sight-reading test), possibly together with one or more musicians.
  • Performing a simple, short piece selected by the jury after 10–15 minutes of preparation; possibly in ensemble.

Round 2 takes place after all the invited applicants have finished Round 1. It may take place the same day or 1–3 days later, depending on the number of applicants. Dates and times for round 2 will be announced in the schedule sent out along with the invitation.

Music theory test

Those who continue to round 2 will also take a written test in ear training and theory. There they will:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of music theory
  • Demonstrate basic ear skills: transcribing music by ear
  • Demonstrate basic skills in texture: harmonic analysis and voice leading


If you wish to have accompaniment organized by the academy, your music has to be received by the Academy of Music and Drama no later then 15 February 2020.
Specify your name, programme you applying for and your instrument on both the music sheets and the envelope. For example: Anna Andersson, Classical performance, violin, music for accompaniment.

Send the music to:

Students Affairs Office
Academy of Music and Drama
PO Box 210
SE 405 30 GÖTEBORG, Sweden

Eligibility and selection

Entry requirements

General entry requirements for university studies. Specific entry requirements in the form of musical knowledge and skills are assessed at the admission tests.


Selection is based upon admission tests. In the admissions tests, an admissions group assesses the applicants' eligibility for education, based on a ranking.

Tuition fees

Students with citizenship in countries not within the EU/EEA, or Switzerland, are required to pay application and tuition fees for university studies in Sweden. 

More information about tuition fees