Ukrainian-Swedish-Georgian Online Dictionary Project

Research project

Short description

The purpose of the proposed project is to create modern open-access online dictionaries that can facilitate contact between speakers of Georgian, Swedish and Ukrainian.

The planned dictionaries would be the first of their kind. Today, no professionally produced dictionaries exists. A few extant word-lists are very limited in quantitative terms, and also obsolete.

The project is designed to create a mid-sized (approximately 50,000 entries), open-access online dictionary of contemporary Ukrainian and Swedish. Such a dictionary will be useful for a broad audience ranging from government agencies in the countries concerned, academia, NGOs, and the general public. Based on the Swedish-Ukrainian/Ukrainian-Swedish dictionary, which is a pilot project, future dictionaries can be created between Georgian and the other languages. The choice to produce the Swedish and Ukrainian dictionaries first, is based on a desire to avoid having to do all work twice, as would be the case if all dictionaries would be compiled simultaneously. 

Given the general nature of the planned dictionaries, their composition will be based on word frequencies in the languages concerned. In addition, relevant terminology from a number of fields will be included (education, environmental protection, gender studies, government, law, medicine etc.).

The project team consists of specialists in relevant academic fields: Ukrainian language, Swedish language, lexical semantics, translation etc.