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Journalists are more active in social media than most other users. Without doubt, social media has developed into an important journalistic tool. In her thesis, Ulrika Hedman has analyzed journalists' professional and private use of social media, and the following consequences for journalism.

  • How do Swedish journalists use social media, and for what purposes? Are there differences in regard to the sociology of journalists, and – if so – why?
  • Do journalists apply a different set of professional and ethical values and standards in their social media updates than in working with traditional media content? If so: Will this cause an actual change in professional and ethical values and standards?
  • What happens when journalists have access to a personal publishing tool 24/7, and traditional boundaries – between work and privat life or between public and personal – are blurred?
  • Finally: Many journalists use social media as a tool for personal branding, which can be regarded as part of the individualization of journalism. On the other hand, many media corporations encourage their staff to take active part in social media and thereby act as part of a company branding. How do journalists describe themselves and their profession in social media?

The studie is based on a representative survey of Swedish journalists, interviews and content analysis.

Read the thesis #InFlux

Download the thesis #InFlux. Journalists 'adoption of social media and journalists' social roles here: