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Social exclusion and control

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Structural processes and obstacles, as well as interaction at the meso and micro levels, can entail or reproduce exclusion and/or control, but exclusion might also be an unintended consequence of activities aiming at inclusion, support or problem solving.
The group of research projects gathered under this label share in common an enhanced attention to exclusion, either as a significant feature of the situation or category under study, or as the possible result of social efforts aiming at control (of crime, substance abuse, truth, legal procedures etc.) or change of (potential or actual) ‘problem groups’. This focus implies a critical gaze at encounters between social authorities and their clients, including interactional processes, discourses and construction work involved in social work.

More about the research group

The research group is a network that meets 4-5 times per semester. Our meetings are open to both researchers and doctoral students. Most participants come from the Department of Social Work, but several have a different affiliation. In the group, we work on formulating ideas and developing applications for research projects.

Based on ongoing projects, we often work with questions about research methodology, e.g. through organizing analysis seminars where we focus on different types of empirical material. We read and discuss both our own draft articles and published texts with theoretical relevance to our research area. Another recurring theme is invited researchers - from both national and international higher education departments - who lecture on topics to which the research group links. We also regularly organize research conferences for the field of social work.