Photo: Artem Beliaikin

Sales and clothing companies

Research project
Active research
Project period
2019 - ongoing
Project owner
Gabriella Wulff, Centrum för konsumtionsforskning CFK

Short description

The clothing industry has for some time been criticized for providing “constant sales” (Kennedy, 2016). The risks of sales have been described in terms of "eroding" the industry "(Satz, 2013), as it leads to a behavior where consumers" refrain from shopping at full price because there is always a new sale around the corner "(Arnberg & Petersén, 2015 ). The purpose of the study is to see how Swedish retail can remain profitable and competitive, by asking the question: how can companies break the trend of increased realizations in the clothing trade? This study aims to contribute both to actors in Swedish trade with new angles on the problem of profitability, sustainability and legitimacy challenges, as well as to research with insights into institutional work and sustainability challenges.