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Photo: Noah Holm

Religious literacy and encounters in palliative care.

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Institutionen för vårdvetenskap och hälsa

Short description

There is a lack of knowledge both in palliative care practice and research regarding how palliative care can be conducted in relation to issues that may arise in connection with culture and religion. We need more knowledge about how patients' cultural expressions, religiosity, and spirituality are handled within healthcare.
To offer good and equal care for everyone, this project aims to understand religious and spiritual perspectives in palliative care among both domestic and foreign-born patients, their relatives, and healthcare professionals.

Overall Objective

  • To understand how culturally and religiously shaped beliefs and values challenge communication between patients, family members, and healthcare professionals.
  • To identify characteristics of situations that healthcare professionals find challenging or conflict-ridden in communication with patients and relatives where religiously shaped convictions and values may challenge the communication.


Emma Lundberg 
Joakim Öhlén
Lisen Dellenborg
Anneli Ozanne
Daniel Enestedt