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Regulation of fish mucus to eliminate infections

Research project
Active research
Project period
2019 - 2022
Project owner
Sahlgrenska Akademin, SWEMARC

Short description

Infections are a great burden on farmed fish. The project goal is to boost the fish's mucus defense system to eliminate pathogens. Little is known about fish mucus, esp. pathways governing it. Mucus function is more complex than what readouts generally used in this field reflect. Mucus is constantly secreted and comprising 80% carbohydrate. Therefore methods analysing structure, production, secretion, turnover & ability to displace pathogens are suitable. To study the power of mucus to eliminate pathogens, an experimental system analysing mucus production, secretion, regulation and pathogen interaction in economically important salmonid species will be developed. Unravel regulatory pathways governing fish mucus response to bacterial infection. Generate preventive strategies to manage infections in farmed fish by boosting the mucus barrier