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Political Theory

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Short description

The field of political theory covers a number of sub-areas, of which the normative political theory is the most prevalent. It addresses a number of important, normative societal issues about the relationship between the individual and society, what makes a society fair, what constraints on freedom are justified in liberal societies, how to resolve value conflicts in multicultural societies, etc. Other areas are the history of political ideas, political theory, conceptual analysis and to a certain extent also philosophy of science.

Examples of political-theoretical issues

• What role should notions of individual desert play for notions of a fair distribution of resources?

• What is the relevance of biological factors for explaining social conditions?

• What are the civic virtues of the liberal society?

• What is the political system that, in the most fair and efficient way, enables the sustainable use of the earth's resources?

• Who should pay the most for the costs of climate change, and why?

• What role should truth claims have in liberal democracies?

• How should value conflicts be resolved in a multicultural society?

• What causes social norms to emerge and what causes them to change?