Layers of living in layers of time

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
60 000
Project period
2015 - 2015
Project owner
Kulturarvsakademin/Heritage acadamy

Short description

In 2013 the largest urban archaeological excavation ever undertaken in West Sweden started in the area of Gamlestaden in Gothenburg. The town of "Nya Lödöse", which lay here between 1473 and 1624 was excavated. The area is set to undergo major transformations and change the urban landscape. The archaeological dig was done behind fences. You can have a glimpse of what´s going on, peeking through little openings, but it is hard to understand – what is happening?

You can go for a guided tour, but do you see the connection between now and then? Do the archaeologists care about what´s happening outside the fence while they are digging? What is present, what is past? How can we explore the environment when space is money? In a workshop arranged in May 2015 archaeologists, musicians, artists and students investigated the environment in Gamlestaden with the aim discovering stories and contexts in the many layers of time. This investigation resulted in a video: Layers of living in layers of time.

The project was part of the EU project NEARCH and the theme Archaeology and the Imaginary: Crossroads between Science and Art.  Exploring and Documenting Landscapes and Sites.

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Layers of living in layers of time