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två kvinnor med masker i en vårdmiljö
Photo: CDC


Research project
Active research
Project period
2020 - ongoing
Project owner
Institute of Health and Care Sciences

Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization - IRCCS Burlo Garofolo

Short description

IMAgiNE EURO is a project based on the WHO's center IRCCS Burlo Garofolo in Trieste, Italy, and is a project carried out by a network of 33 researchers involving more than 15 countries in the WHO's European region. The project includes two web-based, anonymous surveys (one for new mothers - now available in more than 24 languages, and one for health care professionals) which aim to investigate and map maternity and neonatal care preparedness, quality and opportunities during different phases of COVID- 19pandemin. At present, about 19,000 new mothers in Europe have responded to the survey. Of these, about 3,800 responded to the Swedish survey
Validation of the questionnaire to the healthcare staff is ongoing

The principal investigator for the entire project is Dr. Emanuelle Pessa Valente, PhD, Obstetrician, WHO CC, Italy. Project leader in Sweden is Dr Helen Elden.

The Swedish project group also includes Dr Karolina Lindén, Dr Verena Sengpiel at the Sahlgrenska Academy and Dr Mehreen Zaighem, Lund University / Skåne University Hospital.

Participating countries are Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia. Luxembourg and Croatia