Clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics

Research group

Short description

We study the pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs within the area of oncology and infectious disease and the impact of genetics on the exposure of the drug.

In areas such as infectious diseases and oncology, we study the pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs. This includes the characterization of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion in different patient groups with regard to covariates such as age, gender, body weight, other drug treatments and genetics. Clinical data, but also pre-clinical data, are analyzed with non-compartmental analysis and population pharmacokinetic modeling. The correlation between the drug's time-concentration profiles and its effect and side effects are evaluated in different patient groups and in patients with different genetics.

In our research, we also focus on the development of bioanalytical methods to quantify drug concentrations in plasma and other matrices using LC-MS/MS.

Group members

  • Sofia Birgersson, Group leader
  • Alexis Rugamba, Doctoral student
  • Ahlam Khudhur, Student
  • Kurt-Jürgen Hoffmann, PhD, Senior consultant