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CHEFiOS Project Utilization: Creating user-friendly and cost-effective concepts in work of change with managers' actual conditions

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
4 163 000
Project period
2012 - 2015
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Short description

The utilization project will create user-friendly and
cost-effective concepts in change work with managers' actual conditions.

The CHEFiOS project has developed four instruments that show: "How managers are doing", "What managers do", "Organizational structures and Communication patterns" and "How the business is located". Six administrations in four municipalities in Western Sweden have participated in the intervention. During the year following the presentation of the results, the administrations carried out a change work. The administrations' work forms the basis for the model for "favorable conditions for change work" created. In general, the results show that the management's management groups have gained a great deal of insight into, and worked on, improvements in managers' conditions.


Hans Lindgren, project leader, Department of   Sociology and Work Science

Stefan Szücs, Deaprtment of Social Work

Erik Berntson, Department of  Psychology, Stockholms University

Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson, Department of  Sociology and Work Science

Anders Pousette, Department of  Psychology

Linda Corin, PhD-student at Department of  Sociology and Work Science, now Institute of Stress Medicine, email:

Anders Östebo, Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Karin Berg, Department of  Sociology and Work Science

John Ylander, Consultus

Måns Waldenström, Psykoterapi och psykologkonsult AB

Mats Eriksson, Libro HB