The winter station on Snow Hill Island.
The winter station on Snow Hill Island.
Photo: Gunnar Almevik

CHAQ2020 - Cultural Heritage Antarctica

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2019 - 2020
Project owner
Department of Conservation and Gothenburg Research Infrastructure in Digital Humanities (GRIDH)

Short description

CHAQ 2020 is an Argentinean-Swedish project with fieldwork in the area around the Antarctic Peninsula aiming to investigating and documenting the historical remains of the first Swedish South Polar expedition under the leadership of Otto Nordenskjöld 1901-1903. A research station that was erected on Snowhill Island in 1902 is still intact and is with other remains listed as historic monuments under the Antarctic Treaty. CHAQ 2020 comprises research on cultural heritage processes in Antarctica, but will also provide guidance for the long-term cultural heritage management and cooperation within the Antarctic Treaty. The digital documentation of the historic monuments and sites shall be made publicly accessible and the projects data collection shall provide the basis for continued research on climate and cultural heritage.


Gunnar Almevik, GU.

Jonathan Westin, GU.

Pablo Fontana, DNA-IAA, Argentina.

Dag Avango, LTU/KTH.

Kati Lindström, KTH.