Narrow wrack is a close relative to Bladder wrack which is only found in the Baltic Sea.
Narrow wrack, Fucus radicans, is a close relative to Bladder wrack. This wrack has evolved in the Baltic Sea and is adapted to the environmental conditons there. It is a unique species for the Baltic Sea.
Photo: Lena Bergström

BAMBI - Baltic Sea Marine Biodiversity

Research project

Short description

The goal of BAMBI - Baltic Sea Marine Biodiversity – is to assess and improve capacities of marine species to deal with the current challenge of a rapidly changing Baltic Sea environment. To reach this goal we need to understand the potential of organisms to evolve new adaptations and how management should be framed to support this. The project has ended.

Principal investigators

Kerstin Johannesson, Professor in marine ecology at University of Gothenburg. Project coordinator.
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Veijo Jormalainen, Professor in Ecology and Evolution Biology at University of Turku
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Jonne Kotta, Senior Researcher at University of Tartu
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Linda Laikre, Professor in Population Genetics at Stockholm University
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Thorsten Reusch, Professor in Marine Ecology at Helmholtz Center for Ocean Reasarch Kiel
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Annica Sandström, Professor in Political Science at Luleå University of Technology
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Baltic Sea Genetics for Managers

The project Bonus Bambi compiled genetic data on key species in the Baltic Sea. This data is presented on the website BaltGene, together with advice for management and conservation of genetic biodiversity.