University of Gothenburg

About us

The Institute of Odontology creates the dental care of the future through our educations for dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians. We conduct internationally ranked research in the field of dentistry.

The Institute of Odontology offers students and researchers an inspiring environment with education and research in the dental field. Every year, about 600 students study in our programs and about 45 doctoral students in the doctoral program. A large part of the department's clinical training takes place in collaboration with the National Dental Service in the Västra Götaland region.

Our research takes place in prominent research groups in 13 odontological subject areas. It is financed with government grants and with grants from research funds and the business community.

We have a long time established collaborations with the dental industry both locally and globally. We collaborate with reputable universities in Europe, Asia, and USA.

The dental education in Gothenburg started in January 1967 as the School of Dentistry. In 1993, the then upper secondary dental technician education became a university education within the department.

Institute of Odontology is one of six institutes at the Sahlgrenska Academy. The faculty of medicine, health, and dentistry at the University of Gothenburg.