SEK 18 million granted from the Jubilee Clinic Cancer Foundation


The field of cancer research at Sahlgrenska Academy is set to receive more than SEK 18 million in funding from the Jubilee Clinic Cancer Foundation.

This year's funds will be distributed among 31 different projects and 35 researchers who applied. Out of the SEK 18 million, 1.9 million will be allocated for “researcher months for clinicians.” These funds aim to facilitate clinicians in focusing on their research activities.

Generous contributors have made it possible for the Jubilee Clinic Cancer Foundation to support research at or in connection with the Jubilee Clinic at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

The Jubilee Clinic is one of Sweden's largest cancer clinics, operating at Sahlgrenska, Östra Hospital, and Södra Älvsborg Hospital. Academic research and healthcare at the Jubilee Clinic are integral components of the Sahlgrenska Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

35 researchers receive grants

29 cancer researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy have been awarded project grants.

Institute of Clinical Sciences:
Medical Radiation Science: Emma Aneheim, Peter Bernhardt, Anna Bäck, Tom Bäck, Eva Forssell-Aronsson, Kerstin Lagerstrand, Sture Lindegren, Maria Ljungberg, Caroline Olsson, Stig Palm, Niclas Pettersson, Johan Spetz and Anne Thilander Klang.
Oncology: Malin Blomstrand, Cecilia Bull, Daniel Giglio, Andreas Hallqvist, Maria Hedelin, Khalil Helou, Marianne Jarfelt, Mia Johansson, Per Oswald Karlsson, Max Levin, Barbro Linderholm, Lars Ny, Toshima Parris and Linda Åkeflo.
Surgery: Karin Ekström.

Institute of Biomedicine:
Laboratory Medicine: Pegah Johansson.

Five cancer researchers, all in the research area of oncology, have been awarded funding for "researcher months for clinicians":
Sara Bjursten, Malin Blomstrand, Axel Nelson, Anna Nordenskjöld, Jan Nyman and Zhiyuan Zhao.

The complete list of projects and researchers receiving funds from the Jubilee Clinic Cancer Foundation is available here.