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Research Project Goes on Tour


This spring, the research project "Transforming the city for play " embarks on a tour, aiming to disseminate knowledge and gather new perspectives. The research focuses on how artistic methods and tools can sustainably develop places that promote play and recovery for all ages. The first stop in February will be at the Röhsska Museum.

The four-year research project, funded by FORMAS and concluding in October 2024, has largely been built on co-creation and learning through experiments, such as test constructions. In design, this is often referred to as prototyping. The tour is labeled as a "method tour," with the focus on showcasing the methods and tools used in the project.
“By methods, we mean the approach, how we work with sustainable development in practice. We saw a need to discuss our initial results before wrapping up the project," says Helena Hansson, project leader for Transforming the city for play, adding,

“Through the method tour, our local experiments can be related to others, allowing more general solutions to emerge. By engaging in discussions with other, both researchers and practitioners in the field, we hope to anchor the knowledge on a broader scale.”

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Photo: Maja Kristin Nylander

The method tour will include presentations, panel discussions, group discussions, and a publicly interactive exhibition where methods and tools are unpacked, compared, and explored. The hope is that the tour will also contribute to new collaborations and form a stronger network for those working in the field. To enable this, the project seeks a broad representation of participants to incorporate diverse perspectives. The selection will be made based on the received expressions of interest. A method guide will be produced in the fall of 2024 and presented in spring 2025, drawing from the insights gained during the tour.
“Rather than relying solely on traditional research publications, which often have limited reach in academic circles, the method tour will serve as the foundation for a method guide. This guide is intended to inspire and assist others in becoming better commissioners and practitioners," says Hansson.

She also shares that time has been a central concept in the project, considering how to create time and space for collaboration throughout the project and how sustainable processes can evolve over time, even after the project's conclusion.
“Working with prototypes has led to increased understanding, triggering the formation of new prototypes. The process we are engaged in is open and relatively unpredictable, making it more grounded in reality, but also challenging to organize and delineate – new questions and ideas constantly emerge.”

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Organization behind the project
Transforming the city for play is led by HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg, and is funded by the state research council FORMAS within the field of Designed Living Environment. The project is based in Linnarhult, a recreational area in Northeast Gothenburg, and is a collaboration between HDK-Valand, the Culture Department of the Västra Götaland Region, the Committee for Handicraft Issues, and the Eco Agroforestry Center in Linnarhult.

The region Västra Götaland (VGR) contributes time and knowledge to the project and has also co-financed certain activities, including the method tour. Culture Youth, plus Craft Consultants, part of VGR, have been important contributors and advisors throughout the process, according to Helena Hansson. A particularly crucial person for the project has been Mania Teimouri, working as a consultant in contemporary art, architecture, form, and design at the Cultural Development Administration, VGR. Teimouri has been involved in the project since its inception, bringing extensive experience in urban and community development issues with a focus on children and young people, contributing knowledge to promote these interests.
“As a collaborative partner in this research project, we have been able to learn more about the methods that enable children, young people, and adults to create and develop a place based on their own conditions. The goal is to spread this knowledge to more people in the region, such as increasing the competence of architects, designers, and artists working in participatory projects or in situations where the municipality is involved in place development," says Mania Teimouri.

Method Tour Stops – Dates, Locations, and Themes

  • February 29 - Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg
    Exhibition project "Linnarhult Tells" meets the Design Club in Biskopsgården.
    Learn more about the event here
  • April 4 - Form Design Center in Malmö
    Arrow Project in Linnarhult meets Växtvärket in Malmö.
    This event has been cancelled

  • May 4, Craft Days at Not Quite in Fengersfors
    Construction of stage/outdoor cinema in Linnarhult meets Egnahemsfabriken in Tjörn.
  • 8 June, Frihamnen
    HDK-Valand in Gothenburg and Community Cup/
    The ceramics project in Linnarhult meets the research project "Household surplus" at Linnaeus University
    Learn more about the event here
  • 27 August, Form Design Centre in Malmö
    The pilot project in Linnarhult meets Växtvärket in Malmö

Previously Conducted Activities within the Project (Selection):

  • Arrow planting project in spring 2021
  • Construction of stage/outdoor cinema in fall 2021
  • Exhibition project in spring/fall 2022
  • Care & Repair cafes in spring/fall 2023
  • Ceramics project in fall 2023