Ola Wetterberg elected President, ICCROM General Assembly Rome
Ola Wetterberg, University of Gothenburg, was elected President of the ICCROM General Assembly in Rome, November 7, 2023.
Photo: Gunilla Lagnesjö CC-BY

Ola Wetterberg continues to represent Sweden in ICCROM Council


We are pleased to announce that Professor Ola Wetterberg, CCHS Deputy Director, will continue to represent Sweden in the ICCROM Council.
Wetterberg was also elected President for the ICCROM General Assembly in Rome, 7 November 2023.

The 33rd session of the ICCROM General Assembly, the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, was held in Rome in November 2023

National delegations from ICCROM’s 137 Member States - as well as observers from non-Member States, intergovernmental organizations and other partnering institutions - attended the two-day event hosted at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to assess the progress made by the organization, set priorities and address emerging issues in the field.

The new Chairperson of the ICCROM Council and Bureau is Benoît Dubosson, while Kenza Dufourmantelle and Julia Antonia Vicioso Varelas were elected as Deputy Chairpersons. Newly elected and re-elected members of the Council include Norah AlKhamis, Fadi Balaawi, Nanette De Jong, Kenza Dufourmantelle, Anthi Kaldeli, Ana Laborde Marqueze, Aline Magnien, Kazuhiko Nishi, Isabel Raposo De Magalhães, Moctar Sanfo, Lasha Shartava, Ji-young Shin, Alexandra Warr and Ola Wetterberg.

As Dr. Webber Ndoro’s 6-year mandate concludes this year, a new Director General was nominated by the Council and approved by the Member States. Ms. Aruna Francesca Maria Gujral was appointed to lead the organization starting in January 2024.

Heritage and migration
Ola Wetterberg emphasizes the importance of the heritage and migration discussions. The connection between heritage and migration lies in the fact that migration has played a significant role in shaping the cultural heritage of many communities and groups.

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More information

Ola Wetterberg is professor  in conservation of built heritage at the Department of Conservation at the University of Gothenburg. He has for many years been engaged in the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS), as a researcher, and and as Director between 2019-2022. He is currently Deputy Director of the Centre and in charge of the profile area Cultsus (Cultural heritage and sustainable development).

Sweden has been member of ICCROM from 1969.