Part of ’Om Frihet’, one of eight pieces that was part of KOREOARTscape 2017
Part of ’Om Frihet’, KOREOARTscape 2017
Photo: Benedikte Esperi

New collaboration with Dansfilmfestivalen

Cultural heritage research, dance film and archives will be the subject of a new collaboration aiming at making research and archive material more available.

”It is an exciting new collaboration that the archive cluster at the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies has begun with the Dansfilmfestival (dance film festival) on Ringön,” says Astrid von Rosen.

Dance film in the archives

The festival's artistic director Benedikte Esperi and the Archive cluster's research coordinator Astrid von Rosen will develop the collaborative project in 2022. The project is about dance film in relation to archives. The festival is artist-driven and is a forum and arena for practitioners to meet new audiences and new environments through dance film.

”I am actively looking for ways to reach out with research results and make archival material available in contexts where this is met with interest," says Astrid von Rosen. The meeting with Benedikte made me want to show a forgotten dance film, which is otherwise hidden in the archives.

”Within the festival, we have a great interest in dance material that is already in the archives, and to add new material to the archives. This year we hope to be able to show Gaytime - a fantastic dance film produced here in Gothenburg, which was shown on TV in the autumn of 1969,” says Benedikte Esperi, the artistic director of the Dansfilmfestival.

This year's edition of the Dansfilmfestivalen on Ringön takes place between 10-13 February 2022, in Gothenburg.