Bild av trafik från filmen Traffic jams in The Lost Melody (1957).
Traffic jams in The Lost Melody (1957).

New article highlights the role of the car in the Swedish welfare state and urban planning

Following the research symposium MOMENT 1, which explored urban planning, welfare and well-being in Swedish film, photography and television from the mid-1960s, a new article has been published. Researchers Erik Florin Persson and Per Vesterlund have examined how car-centric urbanism was both promoted and criticised in Swedish film and TV drama during the 1960s. Translated with (free version)

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About the authors

Erik Florin Persson holds a Ph.D. in Film Studies and teaches Film Studies at Stockholm University and Linnaeus University. His research interests include commissioned films/useful cinema, local film history, and issues related to audiovisual archives.

Per Vesterlund is Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Gävle and Researcher in Cinema Studies at Uppsala University. His research interests include social issues in Swedish TV-drama, audiovisual representations of the welfare state, and Swedish film and media policy.