Byggnaden Kuggen på Campus Lindholmen en solig sommardag
Software Center belongs to the department of Computer Science and Engineering; an integrated department between Chalmers University and the University of Gothenburg.
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Multi-million investment in a new competence center for advanced digitalization


Software Center, a part of the department of Computer Science and Engineering, receives a grant of 36 million SEK from Vinnova to establish CoDig, the Continuous Digitalization Competence Center.

This investment will contribute to making Sweden a leading force in advanced digitalization by strengthening competence development and expanding collaborations with more stakeholders and companies.

The new competence center, CoDig, aims to facilitate the transformation of the software-intensive system industry into a digitized industry that can fully leverage the next generation of computer and communication infrastructure. This is especially relevant at a time when promoting sustainable industry and digital societal transformation enhances Sweden's competitiveness. 

"When you look at global developments, other countries outside of Europe are investing significantly more in digital structures," says Jan Bosch, the center director at the Software Center. "Sweden has been performing well but is falling behind, and this is our chance to regain leadership in digital development. These types of collaborative spaces also create value for a wider audience and allow us to contribute our expertise broadly to society."

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